TP-Link Preconfigured VPN Router with 12 Months VPN Account All Ready To Plugin and Use

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***Dispatch time 10 working days + 2 to 5 working days delivery or 1 working day delivery if you choose next day delivery option. But dispatch time 10 working days regardless. 


What you receive:

12 Months high-speed VPN Account Included.

Preconfigured TP-Link router 300mbs Speed.

It is ready to use, just plug it, and use it with any devices.

Ideal for:

• ZGemma

• TV Boxes

• Amazon Firestick/Fire 4K

• None VPN-able devices

• Any MAG box

• Any Formuler Model

• Smart TV

• Android


• Windows/MAC

• Apple TV 4

and all others ...

How to Use

1. Please unbox the router very carefully and do not damage the box as you can return the router within 7 days for any reason.

2. You can find an Ethernet Cable in the box; this is for connecting your Main Internet Router to the TP-Link Router.

3. Please connect the ethernet cable to the BLUE port (TP-Link WAN Port, usually first left Blue port, labelled as WAN) to any LAN port 1/2/3/4) of your Main Internet Router. 

4. Make sure your Main Internet Router is ON and all good with your main Internet router.

5. Then please plug the vpn router to power socket and turn it on.

6. Please wait a minute; you will see GREEN lights on the TP-Link Router.

7. If any light was AMBER continuously so, please contact the support team and DO NOT PRESS RESET button on the router as it may reset the router to the factory settings.

8. After seeing the Green lights, so the router is ready to use with your TV-BOX and ALL Other Devices.

9. Now you can connect to the TP-Link via Ethernet or WiFi, and you can use it as your  VPN-Router. We recon ethernet connection from your VPN router LAN port to your TV box for better and stable connection. If you need to run to another room for another device we recon you buy a powerline adapter and connect one powerline adapter to VPN router LAN port and other one to your other room device. Any internet out from VPN router LAN port is all encrypted with VPN connection.

10. Please do not connect all your devices to the VPN TP-Link router as your VPN speed will share between them. Use it dedicatedly just for your specific purpose (2 device max to keep stable performance).

11. Please note the VPN Speed is not as your Internet Speed, the max speed with VPN is up to 20mbs for security reasons, the rate will share between your devices if you connect many devices to the tp-link router.

What about recharging:

You can extend the VPN account after 12 months by emailing us to our support email.



VPN can change your IP address, and it encrypts all traffic between you and ISP. It anonymises your online activity  and gives better peace of mind for your online privacy. When you connect with VPN anything you browse/use your  its all encrypted  and your ISP cant track on your online activity.


• 3 Days refund policy.

• Buyer pays return postage.

• Router and all original accessories must be returned in new condition in the original box, any missing items or damage and you will not qualify for a full refund

Terms of Services:

• We are not liable about how you want to use this service, our service was designed for your security and safety to keep you safe against any hackers. Please do not ask us to involve and help in any illegal activity. We can only support you about what we sell. We do not recommend/offer or help you to watch or streaming any copyrighted content. We can help you use this service legally. Please search on google if you have any qsn regarding VPN use.